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With E3 2015 making the news quite a bit in the past week I thought that we could cover some of the most notable game releases, ongoing tournaments, and current directions of the top developers. Also, we should
touch on the recent growth of esports and how it is changing the video game world overall.

e3 2015

The impressive:

An epic trailer from EA/Dice showing in-game action of Star Wars: Battlefront. EA has been known to underperform in recent years with its top titles, but this looks to be a turning point. Also pay attention to the direction of EA Tiburon out of Florida as Madden 16 looks to be a must have.

Bethesda announces Fallout 4, be ready to cash in those bottle caps! This one will definitely be an epic adventure. Bethesda may have disappointed some with their failure to discuss The Elder Scrolls VI.

Maybe the biggest news for veteran gamers is the Square preview of the Final Fantasy VII remake. I know I will extremely excited to revisit Midgar and annihilate Sephiroth with the Ultima Weapon.

The disappointing:

Nintendo. Maybe it’s time to please your core audience and stop reaching. That is all.


If you haven’t been in the loop with online gaming, there is a furious tournament going on throughout the world in League of Legends. For a League of Legends Esport team list and description, go ahead and drop by the esportspedia LoL page. I know I touched on this in my other post but new players are always questioning how to make extra cash playing League of Legends, and the truth is it comes down to popularity. The more users viewing your stream means the more advertising that is offered. Advertising is king in the online gaming world. There will also be opportunities to receive sponsorship for your efforts. Any other questions you have can typically be answered in forums like this one.

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