The Rise of eSports

riseFor the past decade, eSports have been trending on the rise ever since people play over the internet. The deathmatches of Doom and Quake paved way for international sensations like League of Legends and Counter-strike. Within the past few years, eSports have grown exponentially to the point where million dollar prizes are handed to the best competitors. Companies are popping up everywhere selling things from gaming mice and keyboards to gaming chairs.

What are eSports?

First, let’s understand what eSports are. Like a regular sport, i.e. football, soccer, etc; eSports are based around competition. And people love competition, whether you’re the player or the spectator. There’s something enjoyable about watching two strong opponents fighting for the best prize possible, which is why eSports have grown so much.


In the age of the internet, eSports have also grown enough to allow access to everyone. People, no matter what physical attributes they have, can pick up a competitive game and play it for fun. Strategy and First Person Shooters are the two main focus of eSports, and with these two things people are able to enjoy them and watch them. Everyone has the potential to be a professional player as long as they practice enough.


Along with access to the game, there’s also access to viewing the game. With streaming services popping up all over the internet, people can watch eSport games from the comfort of their own home and usually without paying for it. Twitch TV being the forerunner of this is the perfect example, but more services are popping up like YouTube gaming as well. With the streaming platform, there’s also a lot of revenue going into it as well. People make money from streaming, casting, or playing on streams, thus creating the exponential growth in the past few years. Here’s an example of streaming revenue.

Fan Recognition

Fans are what make up any sport, and fans continue to grow over the years. Fans love to watch their favorite player or team battle it out. Valve has proved that people are willing to throw money to see their fierce competition. Their compendium has made over 13 million dollars in sales that will be added to The International 5 prize pool.

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